About us

On January 2019, PayTech Joint Stock Company was granted a license to provide intermediary payment services by the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV), officially becoming one of the companies developing electronic payment without using cash in Vietnam, contributing to bringing the domestic e-commerce to international level.

Through strategic cooperation with banks and financial institutions, Paytech is an extension arm to bring financial and payment services to the people of Vietnam.

Our core services

To bring the best experience to customers, our services are applied the most advanced technology in the world.



Our e-wallet solution helps merchants expand their business by improving customer service, consolidating vendors, and easing reporting and reconciliation. Learn more

Support service of cash collection and payment

Support banks to provide collection and payment services for customers having payment accounts and bank cards at banks Learn more

Payment Gateway

A tool that authorizes credit card payments for e-commerce transactions. Learn more

Join our partners network

The increasing list of partners is a testament to the effective cooperation between Paytech and partners in Vietnam and many countries around the world. We are deeply committed to building and sustaining long-term internal and external partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. Because we believe in mutual success we always go the extra mile for affiliates. We are committed to build and sustain long-term partnerships, grounded in trust and transparency. We realise then when it comes to Ewallets, trust ability, reliability and reputation cannot be compromised. This is why we only work the best brands in the industry and build up mutual interest and benefits for partners.

Our core values

Social development means investing in people

To bring the best experience to customers, our services are applied the most advanced technology in the world.


Reliable & trustworthy for all our stakeholders. Ensure integrity and security of information.


We treat every person who walks through our door with honesty, openness and fairness whether it’s a customer or an employee.


We aspire to be the best at what we do and to lead by example. We work together to achieve our goals and to celebrate our successes.


Our doors are always open to embrace the differences and challenges that make us successful and unique.